Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Fellow bloggers may find this site useful for reference and links. Dunno about the cats. Off to NYC with the supreme commander, she 's catering a party for my sister. I get to help. I'll post from there if possible. Sorry not much this AM, still wiped from the Saints game.

Monday, December 17, 2001

Get Ready to Rumble
Libertoids everywhere are sharpening their rhetorical knives. Jonah Golberg looks like he is going to reply to his "Lovely Critics" later today (his column usually goes up last, around 1600 EST) at NRO. Recall last week he took a well deserved ass beating from just about everyone (no direct link, scroll down to YEAH, YEAH)in the libertarian camp for tarring them with the Taliboy brush. I wonder if he is going to come out swinging or conciliatory.

Update: He limited his column to the Sullivan flavored conservatism issue and passed up on the libertarians until Wednesday.

A reader reminds me of a missing word in the title of an earlier post:
The line is
"faces come out of the rain."
when you're strange.

get enough quotations wrong and -- will it be that "no one
remembers your name" or that you wish that no one would
remember your name.

Strange days have found us ....
strange days have tracked us down

Yikes! I screwed that up (though it kinda does sound like how a native New Orleanian might say the phrase). The funny thing is that I checked with my wife, a Doors fan (or at least Val Kilmer (it was Kilmer wasn't it) as Jim Morrison fan), to get the words right. Then I forgot the "of" and left it like that all weekend.
And I'm flying tomorrow

I expect if you make it here, you have already heard or,more likely read online, about the fake grenade rolling down the aisle of the AA flight. I had stopped beating the lifeless steed of airport insecurity for a while, but once again it lurches and gasps, giving me hope that Americans will get sufficiently pissed of to clamor for real, effective changes.

Repeat after me:

Inconvenince does not equal security.

Profiling is just common sense and OK. No one's rights are being violated.

The old "kill the stewardress with a box cutter to show them you mean business" trick is not going to work again. We need to start defending against the next generation of threats, bombs and sabotage.

You trust the pilot to fly the plane, you can trust him or her with a gun.

We are all air marshalls now.
Pay the man

Fess brought this up, but I have been meaning to mention it for a while. If you are using Blogger for your own weblog, why not pay the lousy twelve bucks to get rid of the adds? A dollar a month is a steal for all the web hosting many of us will ever need. This especially goes out to all you blog-buskers, the least you can do is kick a little back to the people who gave you your stage. Being ad free also make you page load faster. If anyone does figure a way to leverage blogs into some real coin, paying customers won't be at the mercy of our hosts, who may then demand a piece of the action to let free blogs live...

Sunday, December 16, 2001

Sheesh Dawson, don't hold back bra'. How do you really feel about Ted Rall?