Tuesday, April 23, 2002

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Wishing Problems Away

My wife and I had to visit the local Social Security office to "officially" change her name so that we can get the rest of our 2000 tax return. Why this was unnecessary for the first seven years of our marriage is beyond me, though my accountant says it is an IRS screw up; they apparently LOST a database and can only recover marriage info by withholding refunds until taxpayers manually get their spouses' names changed at the SSA. Whatever, that is not the point. What struck me on entering the office were the two identical decals on the glass doors. The were of the ubiquitous red ring and slash ala Ghostbusters, except where the spook went, there was a silhouette of a semi-automatic pistol. The accompanying text blathered on about how the office was a gun free zone, blah, blah, blah.

Those decals struck me as emblematic (sorry) of the wishful thinking of so many of the soft headed left. Is some disgruntled retiree pushed over the edge by a bureaucratic snafu really going to be prevented from visiting some nine millimeter vengeance on those he sees as an obstacle to his monthly check by a sign on the door? I can just see him outside the office, hyperventilating with a gun in his waistband as he realizes his plan has been thwarted. How can he possibly go in there and blow all those people away when they went and put a sign up telling him he could not bring in his gun?

There is a tendency among moral relativists to intellectualize antisocial behavior to the point that it is never the individual's fault. Hence the obsession with gun control while simultaneously excusing the people who pull the triggers. I guess individual liberty is as much an anathema to lefty intellectuals as individual responsibility. A grizzled old Senior Chief who worked for me once put this sort of thinking thusly with the following poser:

"You can wish in one hand and shit in the other. Which one do you think is gonna fill up first?"

Of course, the first instinct of any government mandarin is self preservation. So I was not surprised that when we entered the office the first thing I saw was an armed security guard.