Wednesday, May 01, 2002

Busy with spring
Posting has been light because of writing projects, preps for an upcoming sailboat race to Mexico and having a life away from the keyboard. New Orleans in the spring, especially during Jazz Fest, can be pretty distracting. FWIW, if any of my 3 readers are coming in for the second weekend and want a local's take on places to check out, drop me an email via the link to the right. I can give you some cool recommendations beyond the typical Pat O'Brien's / Cafe Dumonde / Commander's Palace troika.

Monday, April 29, 2002

I'll only do this once.

It seems like the Prof's comments on the two Koreas ring a little familiar around here. Is he (or one of his legion of research assistants) having to resort to poaching the archives of peon blogs like mine in order to keep up the volume? I kid, Blogfather. Please don't hurt me. As Matt Hawes (I totally dig his latest POTW) just reminded me, I noted the difference in the two Koreas here weeks ago. Advantage: Fevered Rants.

It is a pretty obvious connection to make when you look at that picture. I am not surprised that Glen, a fellow pro-technology libertarian, would see it and draw a similar conclusion.