Saturday, June 22, 2002

"Hey Vinnie, Bones, c'mere. I need youse guys to do sumpin fer me..."

As far as the possible Islamokazi's in Las Vegas go, I am not worried overly much. Not because the feds are on the case but because such an attack would be bad for business and there are certain parties in LV known to jealously guard their business interests. These same interests are also are not averse to common sense racial profiling. Given the existent security in Vegas, if these Islamokazis are there, they'll be made and taken for a ride faster than you can say homeland security. Las Vegas' indigenous security force is also not constrained by a lot of the crap the feds deal with. Would be attackers of the jewel in the sand can expect no lawyers, no questions of POW status, and no sympathetic article in the Guardian. They will get nothing more than a .22 behind the ear and a shallow grave in the desert.
Sheesh, has a week gone by already?

Not much new on the Canal Street cathouse other than the dirtbag doctor that informed on the place got a lighter sentence for his cooperation with the feds. He was under the gun for false insurance claims to the tune of $1.3M (not a victimless crime). The feds should have made an example of this guy and sent him away for years to an "up the butt" maximum security prison. Instead, he rats out on the call girls and they give him 18 months, likely at some converted Air Force base or Club Fed. What always gets me is how these swindlers can abscond with huge amounts of money and only get a slap on hte wrist. Is Dr. Feelgood's crime all that different than if he broke into the insurance company's vault and took the money or if he set their building on fire and caused $1.3M in damage? Same damage to the victim, yet I'll bet he would have done more than 18 months for the latter offenses. Whatever. Bleh.