Friday, July 05, 2002

Reflections on a Quintessential Independence Day
Similarly to Stoli swilling (or is it Gray Goose?) Steve and pals, we passed a good time yesterday in a way that was common with our countrymen in its very uniqueness: Bagels and lox in the AM, yoga class, Mexican lunch (restaurant actual owned by Salvadorans), Minor league baseball, meatball sub, garlic fries, beer and fireworks.

As the fireworks went off in perfect coordination with SSB, S&SF and GBA, I reflected on those who ignorantly sought to harm us. Of course the news had already reported that an Islamokazi (OK we did not know for sure then, but who else attacks El Al?) had killed 2 at LAX before being dispatched by security. The politicos had tried to spin the thing as a "hate crime" and not terrorism. Whatever. The good people out watching the fireworks with us were not given to such inane subtleties, even if they do exist. We all realize that whether as part of a cell or acting on his own volition, this nutjob was encouraged to murder by a religion and people who preach death and subjegation. The men and women, many with kids, who enjoyed the game and the fireworks, have no problem seeing radical Islam as a threat to their well being. Classifying something as religion does not make it virtuous. Ironically enough, those who would expunge even the generic mention of God from the public sphere are often the very same who call those that point out the evil that has taken over part, hell, most of Islam, bigots. If Islam does not moderate and reform itself and the attacks continue in the US, it is doomed, because religion or not, when it comes down to us or them dying for "ideals", its gonna be them.

BTW, looks like I was right about Vegas being safe.